Custom Star Maps

A silly little thing to know about me: each month while the moon is in its earlier cycles, I like to try to make out the darkened portion of its sphere. I don’t know why, I just find it very satisfying and quite fascinating how much the sun brightens it. 😌 🌒

Apparently some of my fascination with the night sky has trickled down to my oldest. In the recent weeks, as we walk to her preschool, she will look up at the sky and point out different stars and admire them. I downloaded an app that identifies constellations and planets, etc. so we could find out what each star is called.

So since we are deep in the chasm of winter, I thought I’d showcase one of my new projects I am working on here at It’s Shirah: Custom Star Maps that show what the heavens looked like in your most special moments of your history.

Custom Star Maps make great anniversary gifts

There are a fair few companies out there already doing this sort of thing, but as always, I like to add my own personal touches to showcase your home and your style, so these are highly customizable. Here are some of the backgrounds I have available at the moment:

But Shirah, how do you know how the stars looked?

I have access to a website that records satellite images of the night sky. . .and other science-y stuff I don’t really understand 😂

What sizes are available?

Short answer: any size you want. I’d recommend 16×20, but it depends on what you are able to print, because yes, this is a digital download. 

Do I have to have the constellation lines?

Nope. Just say the word and I’ll nix them.

What information do you need?

The location (could be an address, neighborhood, or city), date, and time. If you don’t know the exact time, then give me either the hour or general time of day (morning, afternoon, sunset, etc.).

How do I get one?

Fill out this form, then shoot me a message on Facebook.

How much does it cost?

$35 for a digital download. This includes a $20 deposit that will be paid before I begin designing.

What kind of occasions can I do?

Couples would love this to celebrate their wedding or anniversary, and parents would proudly display maps of the night sky on the dates of their children’s birthdays, a graduate on their graduation day . . .really any special day worth remembering!

Let’s get started! Request yours today 😃