Oh, hello there. I’m assuming you want to know more about me. Or maybe you were hoping I would help you figure out how I pronounce my name.

It’s Shy-ruh.

In fact, the +/-two decades I have spent saying that two-word phrase is what inspired the name of my little piece of the world wide web.

But I’ll save that for my much-needed therapy that I will eventually get. . . someday. . .later. . .when I have time. 😬

About Shirah

Anyway, I am a California-bred Utahan living in Iceland who loves making pretty things— my best work being 2 tiny humans, hands down. My passion for digital art came shortly after my oldest was born, while deep in the trenches of postpartum depression (oh, did you think I was joking about that therapy? 🤣). Watercolors and soft pastels may not be a cure-all for crippling self-doubt and mom guilt, but it certainly helps!

Matti, Emma, & Aurora

Having struggled with severe anxiety since I was a teenager, creating has become a way for me to summon and channel positive energy. In creating this site, it is my hope that this energy touches your soul and sparks your inner spirit.

Take a look around! Tell me a story. But most importantly, leave a smile wherever you go.

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